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Window cleaning service UG

Wunstorf Tel: 05031 516 58 99

(Call forwarding is active delay about 30 sec.)

The specialist for conservatory canopies in the summer, and their windows.

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From 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Service management:

window cleaning

All windows are thoroughly cleaned from the inside and outside of fly droppings and other environmental pollutions such as paint / water stains, etc


Window cleaning takes place to - 10 degrees .


We also offer the service every 8 weeks to 12 the care and cleaning of your windows!

Or how "you" wish it!

Plastic window frame cleaning and sealing.

Plastic window frame (basic cleaning and preparation)

We clean and seal your plastic frames gently in one operation.

Without aggressive chemistry!

Shop window from € 0.99 per m²

depending on the degree of soiling.

Our offer for the exterior cleaning of your shop windows.

Their window displays are thoroughly checked by fly droppings and other environmental contaminants such as paint / water stains


Specialist in glass processing and shop window removal / lettering. Windows Coler

Premium quality.

Canopies and conservatories

also in

Premium quality.

from the professional.

We can do that!

We ask for the following services:

Stairwell cleaning

household cleaning

Office / Building cleaning

Basic cleaning for tenant change refurbishments

Building contractor

Advertising signs cleaning

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The VAT will be shown separately on my bills.

No arrival costs!

Cleaning of private and business premises.

Floor cleaning / care / sanitation / office / salesrooms .

Price on request!